Club History

Towards the end of the 1977/78 rugby season a group of 7 or 8 rugby enthusiasts had the idea of starting a rugby club in Ballincollig. They considered that in Ballincollig, a growing town with a population of approximately 10000 people, there would be a sufficient number of rugby players to form a good team. The formation of a club would also be an amenity for large numbers of children who would be growing up there. The enthusiasts were all from Ballincollig but played for different clubs.

After a few meetings the club organised a match against Highfield in March 1978. The team consisted of mainly Highfield, Cork Con., and Dolphin players. The remainder of the team consisted of beginner rugby players and soccer players. Although an unusual team, Ballincollig won by 18-10. Games followed against Cork Con., Dolphin and Sundays Well. The results of these matches were sufficiently good for the organisers to call a public meeting to launch the club and to register it with the Munster Branch of the Irish Rugby Football Union.

The Idea occurred to the club that a crest should be worn. The idea for the crest came from the translation of Baile An Chollaigh as ‘Town of the Boar’. The crest was designed as a boar on a black and white background with the three crowns of Munster on top.