IRFU insurance details:

NB – The club is insured with the IRFU for serious or catastrophic injuries to players but we strongly recommend that all members / parents ensure that all players (including children) have adequate insurance against injuries which may necessitate intervention by medical professionals (e.g. visits to doctor, hospital etc).

The club and its coaches will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained but can accept no responsibility for injuries. It is our understanding that most underage players may be insured through their school’s 24/7 insurance policy, but it is the parent’s sole responsibility to ensure that their child’s school operates this insurance and that their child is covered by this insurance policy against the costs associated with injury. If parents are unsure, they should check with their child’s school and/or seek insurance through a reputable insurance company. (Eg. Chill Insurance or Aon through the Optional Top Up link on the IRFU website.)

Adult players are strongly recommended to seek separate optional additional cover, via Aon’s Optional Top Up (as per note from IRFU below) or another insurer.

Note from IRFU regarding the Compulsory Scheme

Adequacy of Cover

The benefit provided by the compulsory scheme is substantially greater than that provided by other Unions or by other sports bodies. Whilst the Union and the Clubs can arrange substantial insurance benefit within their financial means, it still ultimately remains the individual player’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance cover.

It is emphasised that this compulsory scheme does not provide payment of medical expenses or loss of earnings, nor does it cover fatal collapse unless a physical accident precedes same whilst in training or on the match pitch.

This compulsory scheme is intended to cover serious injury only and, whilst the “Severe injury” benefit at €1,500,000, may appear substantial, it will not necessarily be sufficient to cover the future needs of a seriously injured young player.

Separate optional additional covers are available for all of these benefits via Schemes organised by the Union’s Insurance Broker, Aon (and other companies). The Union strongly recommends that individual players avail of these.