Minis Coaches FAQ

Note: This is a living document so please refer back frequently for any updates

Updated: 29th April 2021


When and how long is training?

Current guidelines say that training times must be a maximum of 60 mins.

Training times on Saturdays:

7s and 8s: 0940 – 1040

9s and 10s: 1000 – 1100 

11s and 12s: 1020 – 1120

    For coordinators and coaches, please be there 30 mins before training start


What pitches and areas will we be on?

For minis we will have full access to pitches 2 and 3 from 1000 to 1130. We will aim to also have access to pitch 1 (main pitch) as much as possible, however we will work closely with the Grounds Committee as they will have the final say on pitch conditions. Updates will be provided to Admin Coordinators

Current plan:


Where can I go for ideas on activities for training

We have added a minis coaching resources page here

Also linked in the menu are Munster links


Where can I find the rules for our age-grade?

See the first section on the coaching resources here

Direct link to 2020/21 Season Regulations for minis here



Do I need to wear a mask?

Masks must be worn by everyone at all times when on BRFC grounds


i) Minis players

ii) Players in your designated playing area

iii) If you are not required to have to wear one


What’s the procedure for training for minis?

For every minis player and coach they must fill out a COVID pre-assessment form – please ensure this is done the night before the session. This is a simple google form that is filled out before each training session or match. COVID officers for each team are briefed on this process. Each child or coach will arrive, the team COVID officer will check they have filled out their pre-assessment and record their attendance. Attendees will sanitise their hands and proceed immediately to their training area, following the one-way system.


What happens when kids arrive?

They should go to the area of the COVID Compliance Officer for their team. The COVID Officer should check they have filled out their pre-assessment (bear in mind some parents will do it quite late and after you have printed or wrote out the list). Once confirmed they have filled out the form, they should sanitise their hands and continue to the pitch via the one-way system


What happens if kids turn up and they haven’t filled out their Pre-Assessment Form?

Parents should be sent back to the car to fill it out on their phones. We will have a limited supply of paper copies but ideally it’s all paperless, Ideally all players have filled in their forms the night before the session. 


What are the pods and how do they work?

According to latest IRFU guidelines:

“The government have advised that groups exercising outdoors should be limited to 15 people, including training sessions. The IRFU advises clubs to work in set training groups/pods during this period. There should be one team per pitch at any one time and as directed there should be no mixing between groups. Training can take place multiple pods of 15 once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.

Numbers of coaches and players per group:

Under U12: Under these restrictions, at least 2 coaches and a COVID-19 Club Compliance Officer must be present in each training group/pod of 15. 

A Coach may act as a COVID-19 Club Compliance Officer if already assigned the role.”

So basically, players and coaches must be assigned to a pod. Two coaches must be assigned to that pod and one of those coaches must be a COVID Officer. We recommend pods be done out before a training session to avoid any mixing.


Can teams do contact training?

   No in level 5


Can players move between pods during a session?



Can coaches move around between pods during a session?



What happens if we’ve no COVID Officer for a session?

No COVID Officer = No Play


What does the COVID Officer need to record?

They should record all attendees on arrival at training. After everyone has arrived, they should record who is in each pod. These records need to be retained for 2 weeks to aid in possible contact tracing if required. 


What do we need to do with equipment for a training session?

For balls and cones, there are disinfectant tubs that are around the corner from the entrance to the gear rooms. Balls need to be dipped and cleaned before and after each training session. Disinfectant is replaced every Friday

For pads and other gear, there are sprayers that need to be used before and after each session.


Can we use bibs?

Yes but bibs cannot be swapped between players and all bibs must be washed after a session. I suggest having a rota between coaches in this case.


Where are the hand sanitisers?

Sanitising bottles are located in the container behind the gate between the entrance to the shop and changing rooms. All COVID Compliance Officers will be briefed on the details. Please be at each session at least 30 minutes before scheduled time to prepare and return the bottles afterwards


If we’re finished training in pods, can we combine pods for a match?

Currently according to IRFU guidelines, NO.


Can parents stay around?

Parents/guardians must either stay in the vehicle or leave the grounds & return at the appointed collection time. Parents/Guardians of players attending in a safeguarding / supervisory capacity (e.g. younger children) are not classified as a spectator. However strict social distancing & public health guidelines should always be adhered to and masks are to be worn. Parents staying on club grounds must have filled out an assessment form


What is the protocol with social distancing and getting up and down to the gear room?

Before and after training, we will manage a ‘one-in, one-out’ policy for coaches within a pod to maintain social distancing for the stairs and gear room. Please do not enter the gear room if another set of coaches from another pod are in already and please observe social distancing on the stairs. When in the locker room please use the spray provided on the locks before & after opening your locker.
Please ensure social distancing in the locker room, with a maximum of 2 people in the room at any one time.
When using the air gun please wipe down (power switch & gun) before and after pumping balls and dispose of the wipe in the bin provided.


What happens if there’s an injury to one of the kids?

Please read and comply with club COVID First Aid guidelines (see COVID-19 on our website):