Minis Parents FAQ

Note: This is a living document so please refer back frequently for any updates

Updated: 29th April 2021


What team should my child be playing with?

Minis teams are graded by year of birth. For 2020/21 season:

2014 and 2015: Under 7s (child must be 5 to play)

2013: Under 8s

2012: Under 9s

2011: Under 10s

2010: Under 11s

2009: Under 12s


What time does training start?

All training is Saturday mornings

Under 7s and 8s: 09:40

Under 9s and 10s: 10:00

Under 11s and 12s: 10:20

If parents are dropping off for multiple times, please drop and return to the car, maintaining social distancing


What time do we need to arrive?

Arrive – Play – Leave

Please arrive 5 minutes before training, bring your child to the check-in area for each team, which will be clearly signed. After confirming the pre-assessment form is done, the child will proceed as instructed to their pitch. After training, please leave right after – no hanging around.


Where will the covid officers be?


What areas of which pitch will my child be playing?

Currently. 7s and 8s are on Pitch 1 (main pitch), 9s and 10s are on Pitch 2 (directly being the main pitch) and 11s and 12s are on Pitch 3 (behind the school)


How long is training?

Coaches will inform of training length on the parents group for each team. Typically training will be no longer than 1 hour.


Will the shop be open if I need to buy a Gum shield?

The shop is currently closed.


Can I stay and watch, if so do I need to fill in an assessment form?

Yes, parents staying must have filled in an assessment form. Parents/guardians must either stay in the vehicle or leave the grounds & return at the appointed collection time. Parents/Guardians of players attending in a safeguarding / supervisory capacity (e.g. younger kids) are not classified as a spectator. However strict social distancing & public health guidelines should always be adhered to and masks are to be worn.


Do I need to wear a mask?

Everyone entering BRFC grounds must wear a mask. Exceptions – i) Minis players, ii) Players, when in their designated playing area. (Suggest bringing a clearly named ziplock type bag for storing mask during training) iii) If you are not required to have to wear one.


Can I collect/bring other children in my car?

Please refer to government guidelines


Do I need to register my child prior to Saturday morning?

Yes. For club registration, please see the MEMBERSHIP link on our website. We will need all players after the first few weeks but the club is very understanding and flexible if that is a problem. Please feel free to contact Patrick at if you need to discuss or chat to one of the coaches who will direct you to him


What gear does my child have to have/wear?

Gumshields: mandatory

Footwear: Runners or boots – boots not mandatory but more practical for slippery weather and matches

Clothing: Sports clothes but dress appropriately to weather – rugby is played a lot over winter and we will do our best to keep the kids moving but wrap up if cold weather. Coaches will inform if jerseys are needed for match days. 


Do I need to bring a water bottle?

Yes. Your child, if needed, should bring an identifiable water bottle that only they can use. Ideally this has their name or is clearly identifiable.  


Can my child wear runners instead of boots?

They certainly can, and many do for the younger grades. Obviously boots will be more appropriate to to avoid slipping during matches and training, even more so when the weather gets wetter


Does my child need to wear a face covering?

According to government guidelines, no


I would like to help out, Do you require parents help on a Saturday?

YES! For most of the coaches you’ll see coaching your kids, they all started out the same as you – parents on the sideline who are either former or current players or just have an interest in the sport. We have gone from strength to strength in our minis section over the last number of years in terms of kids coming along and enjoying the fun we provide. But we can only do it with people getting involved. 

This year, more than any, with covid guidelines we need more and more people to help out with coaching, administration, covid officers, etc. Please just mention your interest to one of the coaches who will direct you to our minis coordinator or email 


Do I need to fill out the form every week?

Yes. And remember, no form filled, no play.


If I forget to fill in the assessment form what happens?

For organising COVID guidelines compliant pods, we really need to know if your child will attend and have filled out their form my Friday evening. We ask that you do this as it is “No form – No play”. On the rare occasion you do forget, you will just be asked to step to the side, open the form on your phone and fill it out at the club. If you have forgotten your phone, we will have a limited number of paper forms available. 


What happens if I fill out the form and can’t make it?

That’s no problem at all. You just don’t turn up and there’s no need to inform the coaches.


Do I need to fill out the form if my child is not attending or is sick?



I have children in different teams, do they need  a form filled out each?

Yes. Every child needs the form filled out for their team each week.


Can I use the same form for my children in different teams?

No. The responses to the forms go to only the COVID officers for that team. You need to use the form for each team and for each child.


My child normally makes their own way to and from training, can this still happen or do you require a parent present?

For child welfare purposes, we require all minis players to be dropped and collected to training.


If I forget to fill out the assessment form and my child turns up to training on their own what happens?

For child welfare purposes, we require all minis players to be dropped and collected to training. Please wait around until your child has passed the covid checkpoint and proceeded to the pitches.


If I know my child will not be going to training as they are sick do I need to let you know?

Out of courtesy, we would ask you to inform the team admin coordinator directly. No need to inform the full parents group. This is not necessary though. 


If my child feels unwell later in the day after training do I need to let you know?

Please refer to the Parents Guidelines on the COVID section of our website:

“If a player becomes unwell after training, they should first contact their GP/HSE/NHS and then inform their club.”

In this case, please inform the admin coordinator for your team who will pass that information to the Club COVID Safety Officer in confidence


Will the toilets be open?

Yes. The clubhouse is closed but the toilets will be open in the changing rooms. They are located beside the shop in the large building to the left of the clubhouse. Please follow the one-way system in place. 


What can my child expect from playing rugby?

The ethos of our Minis Rugby programme is: Have Fun, Make Friends, Learn Rugby.

The main reasons kids play minis rugby is:

To have fun with friends

Be part of a team

Improve their skills

We aim to make sure every Saturday morning is as FUN as possible!